My mission is simple:

make your food taste and look better

My method is two-fold: first, bring in local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients and second, elevate flavors and presentation by employing a vivid palette to create a dynamic food experience.

My cuisine is seasonal and contemporary with influences from all of my cooking experiences to date. These include French Provencal, Japanese-French Fusion, Southwestern, Spanish and Italian. My aesthetic sense has been greatly shaped by Japanese cuisine and the modern Pacific Rim style. I am drawn to exotic spices used in North Africa and the Middle east, fresh herbs, and the use of citrus notes to awaken and refresh the palate. Well-made artisan products like cold pressed oils, vinegars, cheeses, and breads, add quality and also support local producers.

I look forward to sharing some more about me, and what I do in the following pages. I always welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can help to make your food taste and look better.

Phone: 646-369-4136
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