Innovative, Sustainable, Delicious!

These words sum up my approach to food: Innovative is a key way to differentiate your product and approach. Through the collaborative process, I design into whatever space your business occupies; restaurant, retail, catering or corporate.  Sustainable is simply the core value I bring to the table, and Delicious is the bottom line, because really without being Delicious, food will always be an abstract notion and I deal in the real thing!

My cuisine is locally sourced and globally inspired. The approach is influenced and informed by all of my cooking experiences to date. These include French Provencal, Japanese-French Fusion, Southwestern, Spanish and Italian. I am drawn to exotic spices used in North Africa and the Middle east, fresh herbs, and the use of citrus notes to awaken and refresh the palate. Well-made artisan products like cold pressed oils, vinegars, cheeses, and breads, add quality and also support local producers.

I look forward to sharing some more about me, and what I do in the following pages. I always welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can help your food business thrive in our exciting current climate of ever increasing consumer awareness and interest.

Phone: 646-369-4136