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Sparks in the Kitchen showcases 160 delicious yet approachable recipes that Katy uses for all occasions. Katy’s food and recipes draw inspiration from global cuisine, memories of farm to table meals from her childhood in Vermont, and working with culinary gurus. Katy’s ability to play with flavors and textures is seen in dishes like Brined Pork Roast “Wild Boar Style”, Garlic Studded Leg of Lamb in a Red Chili and Cumin Crust, and Broiled Shell-On Shrimp with Juniper, Black Pepper and Citrus Dipping Salt. Her goal is simple —
spread her love for comfortable, rustic food that is both healthful and flavorful to home cooks all around.

Please enjoy these specialty recipes Katy has provided that are not found in Sparks in the Kitchen.