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Expert Culinary Guidance since 2007-Fiercely Rededicated in 2021

I founded KSCC in 2007 because there was a real need in the food world in NYC for expert culinary guidance for launching a sustainably sourced new food business or refreshing and revitalizing an existing one. Now in 2021, as we enter the challenging recovery phase after this terrible global pandemic, I am ready to partner with those in my industry wanting to emerge stronger than ever. In this partnership, you bring the passion to express yourself through food, service and hospitality and I bring the seasoned experience and deep relationships needed to make it a successful reality.

Having grown up on a Vermont farm, raising pastured beef and chickens and foraging for wild things, I decided to devote myself to sourcing only local, sustainable and nutrient-rich foods. But this was at a time that we were entering the Great Recession and people were nervous, if not down right terrified about spending more money on high quality, nutrient dense ingredients when they didn’t know if the public would value the difference. But I knew it was the only way that I would feel good about what I was offering in the marketplace, and by sticking to my convictions I was able to grow a thriving consultancy and have the privilege of working with inspiring startups as well as established brands.

I arrived in NYC in the early 90’s, just in time to participate in some truly remarkable food businesses. I worked for Barry Wine at the legendary Quilted Giraffe and then was hired on to help open Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in 1991. Bobby quickly promoted me to Sous Chef and introduced me to the illuminati of the NYC food world. In addition, it’s a world I have loved to be a part of ever since.

But I truly found my own, personal culinary voice when I was hired to be the Executive Chef of Quilty’s in Soho in 1996. (Food and Wine Best New Chef, 1998, Wine Spectator Rising Star Chef, 1998). It was there that I decided that all of my cuisine experiences to date (Italian, French, German/Austrian, Japanese, Southwestern) would be part of what colored my own personal expression and I have never looked back. I am truly a product of the New York City multi-cultural celebration of cooking while relying on local and seasonal ingredients. Moreover, as much as I love my craft, I have a deep and abiding respect for the people who farm, fish, and ranch and otherwise produce our gorgeous raw materials in this country and wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Chef Katy Sparks
Katy Sparks Culinary Consulting

Over the years, I have put together a truly world class network of food and beverage professionals and I am happy to share them with my clients. It is this network of passionate practitioners, from cheese makers, wine makers, sommeliers, front of the house service experts, publicists, food writers, photographers, architects, kitchen designers, graphic designers and my friends who are chefs that I draw inspiration and courage from. And it does take courage to step into the world with an idea that you think is important and to weather the storms that will come your way in getting this idea to grow into a strong and resilient business that employs great people and serves many more.

Again, I have to offer a quote from the Grande Dame of American cooking, because no one can say it like Julia

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you?”

Yes, I quite agree.