Katy’s upbringing on a small farm in Vermont naturally sparked her passion for local, sustainable and artisan foods. Regular excursions to Europe inspired Katy to attend one of this country’s leading culinary schools, Johnson and Wales University where she graduated summa cum laude.

Katy began her career in New York’s dynamic food scene and soon found herself at Barry Wine’s legendary The Quilted Giraffe. This 4-star experience set the tone for the rest of her cooking career in New York, leading to a Sous-Chef offer from Bobby Flay to open his flagship Mesa Grill in 1991.

From there, Katy created her own culinary voice at Quilty’s where she was awarded the Best New Chef Award from Food and Wine Magazine as well as Rising Star Chef from both the Wine Spectator and Restaurant Hospitality Magazines. Katy continued to align herself with local and sustainable farmers and artisans in order to connect her guests to well-being and good health through enjoyment of delicious seasonal dishes.

In 2005, Katy joined Balducci’s as the Food Director re-launching and expanding its brand in three states. The food service giant, Sodexo, retained Katy to create unique concepts for several of their high-profile clients who increasingly prefer sustainable foods for their employees.

Katy increasingly focuses on health and well-being. She has taught courses at the highly regarded Natural Gourmet Institute and continues sharing her knowledge of the most recent nutritional findings with her clients. Katy affirms the idea that eating more health-supportive foods does not mean sacrificing flavor and that whole, authentic foods are naturally delicious and satisfying.

From these successful experiences, Katy Sparks Culinary Consulting launched with a mission to provide the most delicious and responsibly sourced foods to customers. Whether in a retail setting, a restaurant or a corporate food service venue, Katy has brought her unique and celebrated style to them all.